Medical Tattoo

Medical Micropigmentation

Specialist medical tattoo  techniques enable our consultants to camouflage abnormalities and accomplish visual improvements in the areas of:

Nipple Areola tattoing From £250.00

Scar Camouflage / Burns / Skin Grafts From £ 150.00

Face & Neck & Decolletage – £275

3 Treatments For – £500


Micro Hair Simulation / Stubble For Men and Women Scalp Micropigmentation From £495.00

Micro Pigment Implantation is used to mimick hair follicles, with the use of tiny needle depositing pigment into the dermal layer of the skin on the scalp gives the illusion of a hair follicles.
Cosmetic tattoo is the perfect answer for hair loss irregularities due to: Scars from injury or surgery, hair loss or thinning hair in females especially in the hairline or the crown of the scalp and hair loss due to Alopecia.

Vitiligo / Birthmarks From £150.00

A skin disorder that affects 1 in 250 people and is characterised by loss of skin colour that can be widespread or limited to a small area. Vitiligo is considered to be due to a deficiency in the melanocyte cells . If Vitiligo has been in remission for 2-3 years, our medical tattoo technique can be used to skilfully camouflage the de-pigmented skin.

Nipple Areola tattoing From £250.00

Many women opt for breast reconstruction after mastectomy and as part of this process choose to have the nipple and areola created with cosmetic tattooing to complete the breast reconstruction as an alternative to surgery. Areola pigmentation is the process by which a medical tattoo artist implants pigment into the skin surrounding the nipple of a breast following breast and nipple reconstruction due to breast cancer. The medical tattoo artist first draws on the areola using a custom blended pigment color that best matches the patients coloring, then, after the patient and the medical tattoo artist are satisfied with the size, shape and color of the new areola, the medical tattoo artist implants the pigment into the skin. If the patient feels any discomfort topical anesthetic is applied as needed. Occasionally a second application of pigment is needed in order to achieve the desired result.

Scar Camouflage / Burns / Skin Grafts From £ 150.00

When the skin is damaged, say with a cut, a burn or a puncture, it develops scar tissue. Sometimes its noticeable and sometimes its not. Scar tissue is thicker than normal skin. Also, as it heals, it usually turns white. That’s because the melanocytes have been destroyed and as a result your body is unable to produce melanin. Therefore, we are able to re-pigment the skin with a natural color to blend in with the rest of the body. Light coloured scars can be camouflaged long term using medical tattooing treatments, during which skin coloured pigments are infused into the scar tissue to minimise its appearance.